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Thank you for visiting the site :)

Basic Information:     Adversity is a well-rounded guild supporting players of any kind. From PvP to PvE we are hoping to recruit for 10mans, Arena Teams, and fast instance ques ;)
                       However Adversity is not looking to recruit players who are prone to causing guild problems and drama. If you are immature, rude, selfish, unwilling to help others, uninterested in participating with the guild, a thief, egotistical, or a show off, then please do not even apply. You will be removed for bad behavior.<3

How To Apply To The Guild:    We are currently hoping to grow in size. There will not be any restrictions on level or class, simply send a whisper to Nenutari in game and you will be tossed an invite. 

                   Raid + PvP Applications: If you are looking to be accepted into a raid group or arena team please send a whisper to Nenutari in game and you will be 'interviewed' for lack of a better word. You do not have to be completely geared so long as your attitude is in the right place the guild will help you gear up. Let me (Nenutari) know that you are interested and I will place you according to your attitude and willingness to be successful.

Just For Fun:   
Special events will be scheduled every once in a while to keep guild members happy and entertained. Ideas for events are greatly appreciated!
                     Nenutari will be gladly accepting screenshots of members to create a guild montage. If you have a screenshot you wish to submit please contact Nenutari for e-mailing information.

                                                     Goal Check List:
Reach 100 members.
Expand guild bank to 6 tabs (Donations are greatly appreciated).
Gain enough geared 85s for either a PvP or PvE team.
Earn 5 guild achievements.
Reach guild level 5.
Acquire 10,000g in the guild bank.
Kill 50,000 critters. <- I want an Armadillo Pet :)
     ^List is subject to change.

                    ~  For each goal accomplished Nenutari will award one lucky guild member a free gift. Some gift possibilities are: Epic BoE, rare mini pet, 1k Gold, one free weapon or armor enchant of his/her choosing, several mats for a profession of his/her choosing and more.
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Other Guild News

Adversity is now formed!

Nenutari-Dunemal, Dec 29, 10 6:04 PM.
Welcome everyone to the guild :)

Now it's time for us to recruit, recruit, recruit!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Nenutari-Dunemal, Dec 29, 10 5:56 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Currently accepting ALL classes until further notice.
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